Donate now to educate children and equip pastors. image

Donate now to educate children and equip pastors.

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Serve Africa needs your help to rescue children and village pastors from poverty in Liberia.

Liberia is the world's 8th poorest country. It's economy is in a declining state. Poverty rate is at 60%. Majority of Liberians are unemployed and live in abject poverty. Orphans and underprivileged children are the hardest hit by this condition. Two out of 5 children go to bed hungry daily. And many children have either dropped out of school or have never had the opportunity to enter school.

Serve Africa believes that every child deserves a better life. Thus, every child needs a chance to break free from the cycle of extreme poverty. Through it's school (Hope Center Christian School) and scholarship programs, Serve Africa is helping to restore the lives of 1,000 children.

Your donations will provide educational opportunities, feeding, healthcare and material support to orphans, underprivileged children, and village pastors.

Please know this is a huge task and we cannot do it alone. With your support, we will continue to deliver hope and opportunities to some of the world's poorest people.

Thank you.